SharePoint's new logo looks like... Alfresco's logo

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SharePoint's new logo looks like... Alfresco's logo

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Alfresco's name means 'open air' and 'in the fresh', which:

[...] reflects our values in bringing enterprise content management out into the open and our fresh approach [...]

And the logo of Alfresco shows exactly that, a fresh flower in the open air, with eight round petal components.

I personally love this logo, for it is fully open and the shapes are aesthetically pleasing. Guess who likes these shapes too? Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft unveiled new logos for their office suite yesterday, and it is hard to not see the similarity (Alfresco on the left, SharePoint on the right):

In both logos:

  • Round petals form a flower shape,
  • Each petal overlaps the next one,
  • A single petal is different from the others,
  • Main colors are green/blue.

Should we conclude that Microsoft has seen the light and will make SharePoint an OEM version of Alfresco? Mostly joking, but today they dumped Edge to join Chromium, so never know :-)

Bonus, a rare Alfresco logo:

Banner credit: Basotxerri CC-BY-SA 4.0