Alfresco and JCR performance requirements

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Alfresco and JCR performance requirements


I was wondering if there is a resource discussing hardware requirements for Alfresco.  What kind of performance can be expected from the JCR implementation?  What kind of hardware for how many simultaneous users?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, what about Lucene performance?  Most of our users would be doing searches against the repository…
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Re: Alfresco and JCR performance requirements

This is something we will be looking at in detail early this year. High-load multi-user performance testing is high on the priority list.

I would expect the performance of the JCR API to be a little lower than the pure Alfresco APIs as they are another layer mapped on-top of the Alfresco APIs. However, it shouldn't preclude you from using them as it won't be significant! Lucene performance has proven to be good so far, it is our aim to make sure you can search a repo of millions of documents in sensible response times.