Content management yes, list management?

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Content management yes, list management?

From what I've seen, Alfresco does a fantastic job of handling document management.  However, it seems to me that "content" management has to do with more than merely document management.

I'm trying to get buy-in with my organization to use Alfresco, but list management seems to be a continual sticking point with upper management.  Did I simply miss the architecture on how / where list management fits into Alfresco or are there no plans on adding it or providing an integration point for it.

FWIW, when I think list management, its not simply a list of items.  Often its more of the "table" model with the ability to sort and/or display management (e.g. these fields, in this order).

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Content management yes, list management?

List management is not yet provided in the Web Client.  It's recorded as a requirement, and is something we'd like to provide 1st half of this year.

We do already have a lot of the building blocks in place to support this feature, as we can support arbitrary containers of custom items (i.e. items with custom properties) and configurable UI.

Thinking aloud, one way we can support this is by providing the notion of a List Space where the type of content to be created is restricted (for example a Todo item).  A simple UI screen for defining the properties of the item could also be provided.  Then, the usual Space functions can be used to manage the list e.g. create, update, delete, search etc with all the other possibilities of permissions & rules.  Is that the sort of capability your after?
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Re: Content management yes, list management?


Our company currently has list of companies and list of its contact person.
With current release, is it possible to integrate them with alfresco? will complicated customization will happen if we want to do it?
I have checked your roadmap and I don't see list management is mentioned. will it really happen?

I'm sorry with these lots of question. I'm just trying to make sure that alfresco will cover all of the needs.

Thank you in advance,
Budi Rianto
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Re: Content management yes, list management?

FYI, Although still immature, we have implemented "task list" management for Alfresco. You can find the details and code in the forum:

Sorting is provided out of the box by Alfresco custom table component. But "display management" (selecting which fields to be shown on the GUI) is not possible yet, AFAIK.