Guidance Required to Become Alfresco Partner

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Guidance Required to Become Alfresco Partner


This is Kalpesh from ContCentric IT Services Pvt. Ltd, India.

I have founded ContCentric few months ago which is solely focused on Alfresco development. At ContCentric, we are going to have all the developers to become Alfresco Certified Engineer before they are allocated a project-work.

I want ContCentric to be an Alfresco Partner. How Alfresco can help us becoming one? Following are the milestones achieved as on date:

1] Four Alfresco Certified Engineers on board. Three more are going to appear for ACE soon. Total team size is 12.
2] One community project is done. One is under development.
3] We are getting good responses from other Alfresco players in the market to jointly develop some projects.
4] We are 11th in Community ranking. We are contributing at the best of our ability on regular basis.

It would be very much helpful for our growth from this stage if someone can guide on Alfresco Partnership.

Thank you,

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Re: Guidance Required to Become Alfresco Partner

There is a prominent page linked from the partner overview with the link text "Looking to become an Alfresco Partner?". That sounds like a natural place to start, doesn't it?

Community projects do not matter for partnership. Typically you would already have some experience with Enterprise Edition projects / implementations before becoming a partner (at least that was my experience of becoming a partner with my old employer in 2010). Also, once you are a partner you will no longer be allowed to implement projects with Community Edition or provide any services where you directly work with a Community installation of a customer.

What kind of ranking are you referring to with item no. 4? Do you mean this platform? That kind of ranking is meaningless for partnerships and you may have noticed that very few partners actually contribute in the open source space. Most of the leaders in this platform are either Alfresco employees or independant Community service providers.