Is Alfresco Appropriate for this?

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Is Alfresco Appropriate for this?

   I'm looking to build an application that would use aspects of content management and collaboration and am leaning toward using Alfresco.  Essentially, I want to build an online repository of digital voice recordings.  The tool would be used by various remote researchers to upload, playback, and analyse the data.  It will be necessary to 'tag' the data for later use in searching, and the categories of tags need to be extensible, so that attribute types can be added at a later date.  For example, researchers may need to input where the recording was made, the age of the subjects, the languages used, etc.

Additionally, I would like to give the ability for the data to be transcribed via the web interface.  That is, the voice content should be streamable through an embedded control and allow the researcher to manually transcribe the audio into another embedded control.  This transcribed data will be saved and versioned back into the repository and associated with the original audio.

Audio data, tags or text transcriptions need to be restricted to individual researchers, groups of designated researchers, or available to the general public.

Workflow should be configurable so that uploaded audio is 'flagged'  in a 'to-be-transcribed' state so that it can be picked up by people designated for transcription.

Ideally the repository needs to be accessible via webdav or cifs.

Opensource preferred.

Is Alfresco up to this task?  Is it an adequate foundation on which to build the features above that it lacks?  Are there any fundamental limitations you see that would be potential roadblocks to deliver the funcionality described above?  Any other products that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for your time,
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Re: Is Alfresco Appropriate for this?