Problems with Alfresco1.2

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Member II

Problems with Alfresco1.2


Please help… I am trying to install the version 1.2 of Alfresco as I need to add the french pack but while launching alf_start I have this error:

[LocaleUtils] Locale name null or empty

and then I arrive directly on the guest page and cannot log in as admin… What could I miss?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Member II

Re: Problems with Alfresco1.2

Apparently it was a problem with my database… I had to remove and re create it.

Is it normal than while connecting as admin if I go back to the last page with the arrow of internet explorer sometimes I go back to guest page? Is it also a bug of Alfresco when sometimes I connect to alfresco and have nul pointer exception and while retrying to connect that works fine?

I also get into troubles while importing my class sub-class of NewUserWizard. It seems that it is not possible anymore to do super.init()  in my sub-class. Did I forget to add something somewhere? It was working fine with version 1.1.

Thanks for help