Reg Soft delete of content

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Reg Soft delete of content

Does alfresco provide an option for soft delete.Currenty when i delete a content its deleting from alfresco repository(hard delete).
                                            Does any one dealed with this option can any one help me out .

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Re: Reg Soft delete of content

We would like to see the same functionality, more on this in some older post at Alfresco is planning a soft delete option that would allow a user to delete a file without removing the file on file system level.
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Re: Reg Soft delete of content

Soft delete is in the plan for 1.3 release.


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Re: Reg Soft delete of content

I'm confuse… :?

I have installed the last version of Alfresco Enterprise Trial 1.2 on Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 with e PostgreSQL DB.

When I delete a content from Alfresco Web client I have seen that the content is deleted from DB but not from filesystem ( I found the {guid}.bin on the ald_data/contentstore/[year]/[month]/[day]/[hour]/ path ).

There is a bug on my installation or I can configure soft/hard delete ?
In my solution that I'm still planning I prefer to delete content from DB & filesystem demanding to backup error and exceptiond
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Re: Reg Soft delete of content


Soft Delete (V1.3): When nodes (files/folders/whatever) are first deleted they are moved or hidden and not removed from the metadata.  These can be restored to their original or a new location.  The ContentStore holds onto content as long as there is a URL pointing to it in the metadata.  So soft delete has no affect on the lifespan of the .bin files.

Content Cleanup (V1.2): Once there are no URLs referring to content, it can be cleaned up.  This is done by a background process that moves unreferenced content that is older than 14 days to a .deleted folder.  This functionality is can be changed by overriding the relevant beans from alfresco/content-services-context.xml.

So, a .bin file may be referenced by several nodes.  Once all these nodes have been hard deleted, the content will become eligible for removal.