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search custom properties


I got a content model working for me with custom aspects and properties defined for files.

I want to search for properties now.

Found out, that I can override search config files. But I can't figure them out in Alfresco 5.1f.

I also saw that there is a possibility to use search filters. But my custom properties didn't appear in the list 'filter by properties' .

Maybe you guys could help Smiley Happy

Thanks in Advance

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Re: search custom properties


In latest version of Alfresco most of the file are packaged into jar.

A good practice while working on Alfresco is never override Alfresco file, with package into jar it's more complicated than before.

Take a look to Working With Custom Content Types in Alfresco | ECMArchitect | Alfresco Developer Tutorials you will get information on how to customize search form and add you custom property.


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Re: search custom properties

Hi Bernd,

In order to make your properties searchable, make sure, indexing of your property is set to Full Text. Once that is in place, edit share-config-custom.xml file and either create new advance search form or add your properties in existing advance search forms. For more details, go through this link Share Advanced Search. In order to make your custom aspect visible in share add aspect in "visible" tag.




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Re: search custom properties

With the Alfresco 5.1 search webscripts were moved to the 'alfresco-share-services' project (alfresco-share-services-5.1.e.jar).

you  will find files



Add your custom properties to the default-query-template element. For example, suppose I want to add eg:model and eg:version to the list of properties that are searched by default

   <default-query-template>%(cm:name cm:title cm:description eg:model eg:version ia:whatEvent ia:descriptionEvent lnk:title lnk:description TEXT TAG)</default-query-template>