two package fields in advanced workflow

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two package fields in advanced workflow

I created an advanced workflow (with Activiti) and I want the Share UI displaying two package fields (template packageitems.ftl)  so I can import two package items separately in my workflow.
I tried many possibilies but in vain.
Sorry for my English.
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Re: two package fields in advanced workflow

in your workflow model you'll need to create a new association for the new packaged items. I'm not sure how alfresco handles them in the backend (haven't checked the code) but you might need to extend some classes to have it working….

You'll need to create your own workflow task (by inheriting from bpm:workflowTask for example) and adding an extra association:

<type name="my:workflowTask">


                <association name="mySmiley Tongueackage">


Then you'll need to configure the form.

I haven't tried it… so don't know if it works…