Upgrading Alfresco 4.0.0

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Upgrading Alfresco 4.0.0

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I was asked to upgrade my company's alfresco, but i just want to do the things right. I'm not a very experienced user in this (truely not in Alfresco) so i might want a little help.

Until now i know this:

1 - The server has Alfresco version 4.0.0 ( 4.0.e ? ). Found Lucene files and solr but don't know what the system uses. Only know that the system was installed in this version 4.0 and never got any upgrades.

2 - What should be the next step? Backup the files before upgrade? so what files do i need to backup? /alf_data/contentstore , /alf_data/contentstore.deleted and
/alfresco-4.0.e/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/module/test/alfresco-global.properties is engough?

3 - I read something about backuping the database but i really don't know what file or files to backup to ensure it's backup.

I'll apreciate any help anyone could give  Smiley Happy

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Re: Upgrading Alfresco 4.0.0

I suggest you read the documentation first and then ask any specific questions.   It may also be worth you installing a test instance of alfresco that you can experiment and learn upon,  rather than using your production system to learn.
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Re: Upgrading Alfresco 4.0.0

Thank you for your response.

So, first, how do i know if it's lucene or solr that's being used? i found files from this two on the server. I found this: "To determine the current search server, navigate to the Search Manager
 page at Alfresco Share Admin Console > Repository Services > Search Service. Select
 the desired search subsystem from the Search Service In Use list." So, then i go to http://ServerIP:8080/alfresco/service/enterprise/admin and i got an error: Web Script Status 404 - Not Found - Message:   08170014 Script url /enterprise/admin does not map to a Web Script.

So until now, i don't know what search service Alfresco is using.

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Re: Upgrading Alfresco 4.0.0

I second the test system.  My first Alfresco "upgrade", I really didn't understand what a can of worms I was opening.  I just did it on the production server and at the end of very long weekend I was just happy to be able to restore it to the state I found it before people came into work.  I did get the details worked out though, so another long weekend got it done (although, somehow I ended up with an old version of PostGres in place…).

I'm working on our next upgrade now, with a test server and I've run the process probably 2 dozen times now on it, fine tuning, finding odd bugs that happen if you don't do things in exactly the right sequence, etc.  Document is just about finalized, and runs 2 full printed pages of all the specs, sequence, mods, etc that we depend on in our operation.