DevCon 2020 is coming and we're asking for speakers

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DevCon 2020 is coming and we're asking for speakers

UPDATE 20/2/20:

Call for Papers closes Mondy 24 February - don't delay, submit today!

A conference can only be as good as its content, so we are counting on you to help us put together a great Alfresco DevCon, just like you did in 2019.

We welcome both first-time and experienced speakers. Proposals can be submitted by anyone in the Alfresco ecosystem, whether you’re an employee, partner, customer, community member, user or enthusiast. All speakers must submit their proposals at our submission site

What’s the format of the talks?

At DevCon we have two types of talk:

  • Lightning talks – 5 minutes max
  • Full Session Talks - 30 or 45 minutes*

We’re more than happy for delegates to submit both types of talk, and to submit more than one of each.

What makes a great submission?

Passion, knowledge, experience, insight! You don’t need to be an expert and as nobody can know everything, you often find that what you know is unique and valuable to others.

You can see videos of some of the best talks from DevCon 2019 here:

What’s the closing date for submissions?

The closing date for the call for papers is 24th February 2020, so time is short!

Let’s make DevCon 2020 a great conference – submit your paper today!


*Full session speakers receive free entry

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