Tech Talk Live #129 Q&A

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Tech Talk Live #129 Q&A

Here are a few pieces of information to follow up after the recent Tech Talk Live.

How well is this AGS version integrated with ACA/ADW? ACA/ADW is as mature as Share?

There are some AGS features exposed via ADW, but the experience is not as complete as Share. The main features available in ADW are declaring records and Glacier integration.The Declare Record action in ADW.The Declare Record action in ADW.ADW is an enterprise product, and the code is private. Currently there are no AGS features in ACA (which is available for community users).

Historically the main factor preventing better integration with ADF components has been the lack of a V1 REST API. We are gradually filling this out - for example we recently created the V1 REST API for CRUD actions on security groups and security marks. We hope to soon have these features available from an ADF-based administration app.

It would be nice to file folders as records, instead of documents. Is this anywhere on the roadmap?

Declaring folders as records has been a long requested feature (since at least 2014). However this has only recently got near to the top of the feature backlog, and we are hoping to be able to deliver it as part of the new admin experience using the ADF-based admin app.

Can we set retention rules for record folders rather than individual records?

Yes - this is possible using the Edit Metadata page when setting up the retention schedule. It is not possible to change whether the retention schedule applies to record folders or records once the record category contains a record folder - it must be set while the category is empty.The retention metadata page in Share.The retention metadata page in Share.
What's the point of WORM? Doesn't declaring a document as a record prevent updates?

A large part of Alfresco Governance Services is preventing certain actions from taking place when nodes are in a certain state. As a quick summary of the actions available in various states here's a table:
Various actions available for different types of node.Various actions available for different types of node.
* Permissions for items in the file plan are very different from standard permissions for documents and revolve around read and file permissions.

There are also various actions to convert one type of node to another (e.g. a document to an incomplete record). These are summarised by the following diagram:
Actions provided by AGS to convert one type of node to another.Actions provided by AGS to convert one type of node to another.
Records that are stored in a WORM store have most of the same actions available as other records. The big difference is that records in WORM storage cannot be deleted. Furthermore the content of the records is stored by Amazon who will not even allow the administrator to delete it until the expiration has been reached. This allows us to meet certain regulations, including SEC 17a Part 4.

Where can I find the slides?

The recording and slides are now available:

To access the new location for the community AGS code, or to contribute, then please go to the alfresco-community-repo repository on GitHub. The AGS code is stored within the amps directoryThe old community records-management project will soon become read-only.