Alfresco Community Hackathon June 2021

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Alfresco Community Hackathon June 2021

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Welcome to the Alfresco June 2021 Hackathon.

Alfresco Hackathon 2021Alfresco Hackathon 2021

Alfresco Hackathon is on Wednesday 16th Junefrom 09:00 UTC+10. You are all invited to join in!

Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thons are open to everyone in the Alfresco community. While there typically is a large percentage of attendees who are developers, we also like to see end-users, managers and other people interested in Alfresco and its ecosystem of products (Content Services, Process Services, Governance Services, Application Development Framework, Digital Workspace, Activiti Cloud etc.). The projects being worked on during the event can also focus on any kind of technical to non-technical topic, such as enhancing documentation or defining business requirements for critically missing feaures to be discussed / passed on to Alfresco. The more technical people in the event also welcome the opportunity to be exposed to different perspectives on the way Alfresco can be used to solve problems, or to get constructive feedback on the projects they are working on at the event.

Attending an Alfresco Global Virtual Hack-a-thon should also not be hindered by your specific location or time zone. With no specific city / locality where the hack-a-thon takes place, people use various digital tools to connect and collaborate on a global scale, e.g. by using Discord, Zoom or Skype web sessions. The event typically lasts between 24 and 27 hours (best was around 30) using the follow the sun principle. We start early in the morning for attendees in Oceania and East Asia and go on until ideally the last people in the Americas stop to work on their projects. Anyone can join and leave at any time of the day whichever fits best their schedule.

Project Ideas

As always, we are using a Google Form to register,  list and coordinate project ideas for the Global Virtual Hack-a-thon in advance of the event. Everyone with a specific idea is free to register it on this form, even if they may not be able to attend the event themselves. Other interested parties can add their names to the ideas, and use comments or other communication means to discuss and refine those ideas further. On the day of the event, this also helps to point any new participants who may not have an idea about what to do yet to projects already in progress or waiting to be picked up.

With just over a month to go until the event, I want to invite everyone in the community to start thinking about what you would consider useful things / ideas to be work on / enhanced. Ideally, we have a list of a half a dozen or more ideas until the week before the event, when people can start to more specifically prepare for the projects they want to work on, e.g. get familiar with existing code if continuing an existing project or simply just coordinating who will join at what time in their teams.


Any questions about the hack-a-thon can be directed to Axel Faust or Eddie May.  

About the Author
My own background is in Java and PHP development. I’ve previously worked with Alfresco and more recently with Open Source software such as Joomla & Magento as a freelance developer.