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Alfresco Operational Commander

Alfresco Operational Commander

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As an IT operator, I want to run some bulk operations (updating nodes, moving to other site, deleting nodes, deleting associations, transformations, ...) in multiple steps so I can review affected nodes, tune or limit the target affected set and confirm the operation.

Designing a bridge + command pattern, we can build complex commands that are composed of built-in operations from Alfresco API. An example: user introduces a FTS query in a UI to define the target set (so Alfresco can define the target set just running the query), the result set is persisted in a temporal database like a memcache node), the result set is presented to the user, user can review that list checking nodes and drop some of them and he can finally schedule the action. When the action must be done, it will be executed progressively and user can check the progress in the UI.

It is a big project but I consider it is really useful for people who usually works with Alfresco in a production env or lower. On the other hand, this can be used to run patches instead of invading Spring Context of looooot of beans that are only applied once as patches.

Project Owner: Ignacio Lozano


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