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Alfresco s3 localstack

Alfresco s3 localstack

Nowadays applications are deployed more and more to a cloud. Since Alfresco first choice for the cloud provider is AWS, this project will focus on running "local" AWS environment using LocalStack.

Currently, LocalStack allows mocked AWS S3 storage, the project will use especially this AWS service. AWS RDS (managed service for database) is currently available in LocalStack Pro, so it will not be used.

Using LocalStack all developers can test a source code it doesn't require AWS account. Another advantage is possible integration testing with mocked AWS service(s).

Steps to be done

  • SDK 4.2 with Alfresco Community 7
  • Add common dependencies:
  • Adding community project for integration with AWS S3:
  • Configure LocalStack to work with mocked S3 storage
  • "For fun part": Add SDK5 (out-of-process) project that will simulate behaviours and move content to different locations

Project url

Project Owner@filip 


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Alfresco Employee
NB: Important info: The project sponsor will be on holiday in Austria (hiking) so he cannot join online event but would like to prepare and publish the project in advance.
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