Fork JS Console functionality and integrate into OOTBee Support Tools

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Fork JS Console functionality and integrate into OOTBee Support Tools

Fork JS Console functionality and integrate into OOTBee Support Tools

As the maintainer of JS Console (Florian Maul) has not been active for a while and the current state has various pending issues (e.g. ACS 7.0 compatibility), this project aims to fork the current functionality and integrate it with the OOTBee Support Tools as a part of a comprehensive admin / support tool. While the existing functionality may be largely forked as-is, I expect some significant effort to be put into

  1. cleaning up the code base to comply with OOTBee Support Tools standards, 
  2. reduce number of dependencies, 
  3. implementing an initially simplistic, basic UI as part of the Repository-tier admin console (to support non-Share deployment scenarios). This idea also relates to an issue raised for JS Console in June of 2020, to which the maintainer has not yet reacted - see

Project Sponsor: Acosix GmbH / Order of the Bee

Project Owner: Axel Faust



Hi @afaust @EddieMay 

I have been using a working copy of jsconsole locally that i added to ootbee support tools which also includes fixes done @afaust for ACS 7.x compatibility. I included the feature AS-IS from its original.

After i saw this idea, i fixed some JSHint warnings and javadocs and checked in the chages in my repo here:


@afaust let me know if i can create a PR for review ? we can review the changes during the session

Status changed to: New

@abhinavmishra14 Your branch would in principle be a good starting point. I am a bit concerned though with keeping a a clear (commit) history of what was forked from the official (merged) original state (e.g. master/release) and which changes have been applied afterwards (e.g. changes from unmerged PRs in the original repository), in order to have a well defined cut-off for the sake of copyright / license attributions.


Thanks @afaust its from master of original jsconsole. When jsconsole was not working for me on ACS7, i was investigating the fix and then i saw your PR on share-extras:master. So i forked your jsconsole repo and switched to bugfix/ACS-7-compatibility and took out the fixes done by you and merged them. bugfix/ACS-7-compatibility seems to be in sync with share-extras:master and just one commit ahead that contains ACS7 compatibilty fix.

I have created the PR: for review and further edits.

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