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Bulk Metadata Update

Bulk Metadata Update

There should some way to edit metadata in bulk.

Status changed to: Needs Info

Could you please explain exactly what you need?

In general you have to implement your own script (ECMAScript or Java) for decorating nodes.

The unique out of the box mechanism is related to the Bulk File System Import where you can import contents with Java Properties XML format defined in its own XML file:


Another hybrid approach could be dropping contents using webdav and then fire one or more rules on a space where you have your own script for getting metadata from an external datasource for example implementing a Java connector to your external database.

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One quick note - the Alfresco Content Accelerator interface does have the ability to edit properties on multiple documents in bulk.  Here's how it works:

In search results or folder document listing, the user can execute a "Bulk Property Edit" action:

2021-03-04 10_54_49.png

A modal action appears, allowing the user to enter property data into a single form to edit properties across all selected documents.  Learn more about the content accelerators here:



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@gsteimerTSG's Content Accelerator seems to be a really nice solution implementing many requirements and features one may miss in ACE/Share/Workplace.

I guess @sanjaybandhniya requested for such a feature in ACE/Share/Workplace. If I remember correctly TSG have their own layer between ACE and the UI and therefore their own indendent higher level API on their own layer to support such a feature like

  • updating a list of nodes with a given list of property/value pairs or
  • to retrieve a list of possible/available properties a user is able to set/modify for a given list of node ids

Having such an API it would be easy to implement a bulk update from any UI