Massive metadata editing.

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Massive metadata editing.

Massive metadata editing.

When ingesting content, some might have to be manually processed to insert the right metadata. And sometimes the editing is carried out by more than one office: the first office just have to compile some metadata to redirect to another and the second office complete the metadata.

On the left some predefined query and on the right the possibility to edit or to preview the content and edit a subset of metadata (and the grid can also be filtered and exported in csv)d598786584a2ec9c470a05baa89917bb470513b8_2_690x279.png



Two other places I see this being useful are for bulk uploads and for nodes that are missing required metadata. There is an aspect that marks these nodes. Maybe show nodes with that aspect the user has edit rights to and maybe include facets so folks can filter by creation or modified date range, type or other metadata constraints. 

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Hi, would you help explain the use-case(s) you're interested in please. If I follow your post, you would like to add some metadata at ingestion time then have a bulk modification workflow? If you could perhaps clarify &/or more fully explain that would be appreciated so we can consider the request.

Hi @SCBlair, I see your question only today.

I am thinking about an automatic ingestion where metadata needs eventually to be manually inserted because you can't do it automatically.

So, every day, someone logs into Alfresco, opens that page and edits metadata for some time.

For example:

  • a secretary office receving all emails that needed to be sorted to various offices
  • a quality officer that has to control every document and assign some final result

Usually, after the sorting, I imagine that some rule/behaviour/workflow must occur, but this is not part of what that page does.


Thanks in advance for your time.