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All About Alfresco ID (Single Sign On for

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We have some exciting news to share! We've recently launch a new service to Alfresco websites that we’re calling ‘Alfresco ID’.

What is Alfresco ID?

Alfresco ID is our new Single Sign On (SSO) tool that will allow you to access Alfresco websites using one set of credentials, in the first phase the following systems will be enabled for Alfresco ID:

We've almost completed the first phase of the rollout to the systems above with the Alfresco Customer Support Portal launching next on Monday 2nd March 2020.

Alfresco ID is built with Okta - the industry leading platform for single sign on and identity management, as our business has grown we’ve added services to support our customers and partners with learning, collaboration and support - now we plan to make accessing those services as easy as possible for all Alfresco users.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything at the moment, you’ll be invited to reset your password as we process each of the sites or when you next need to access that service. If you are redirected to when you go to login and haven't reset your password then you will need to do so at the password reset service for Alfresco ID. We recommend that you reset your user name and password and create your Alfresco ID as soon as possible so that you can continue to access all of the services.

Where to go if you have questions

Anyone with an Alfresco Hub account can reply to this blog post or browse the FAQs If you’re a customer you’ll need to contact your customer service manager who’ll be able to help answer any questions that you may have, if you’re a partner please reach out to your channel account manager.

You can also reply to the Alfresco ID emails that are sent alerting you of the change if you run into problems and a member of the Alfresco team will be on hand to assist. 

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