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Community Manager
Community Manager

Join us for a practical introduction to legal compliance with multiple software integration.

The world of IT is moving very fast with AI and LLMs recent progress. But when it comes to legal compliance, classic questions are raised: what model can we use for commercial purpose? how can we integrate it in our projects and distribute them?

In this talk Antoine Thomas will introduce what is legal compliance, explains why developers try to ignore it, and how to avoid common traps. Then, after a quick presentation of popular open source licenses, we will review together AI model licenses and speak about tools and solutions that developers can implement in their CI. Because, yes, they can help with legal compliance.

With this Tech Talk Live, we will introduce a new format: we will try the Zoom Meeting format so everyone should be able to enable webcam and microphone. It's not mandatory to show yourself, but a quick presentation (30 secondes) of yourself, and a few questions to start a discussion are very welcome.

Date: Wednesday 14 February 2024

Time: 10AM EST | 3PM BST | 4PM CET

Speaker: Antoine Thomas, Community Manager Open Source Solutions at Hyland



Register here: TTL #155 - Zoom

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