Hack-a-thon May 2020 - Angel Borroy + others

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Hack-a-thon May 2020 - Angel Borroy + others

Alfresco Employee
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Angel, a search engineer at Alfresco, worked on a number of projects throughout hackathon, and, like everyone else, he was also hanging out and chatting with other participants. The projects he was directly involved in are as follows:

Project Team: Angel BorroyAxel Faust (https://acosix.de/)

Project Title: Spike on backporting repo features

Aim of Project: Alfresco SOLR performance improvement https://issues.alfresco.com/jira/browse/SEARCH-2028 is only available for ACS 6.2 but Search Services 1.4.2 has support for ACS 6.0+
This project will create a module containing the database query and the webscript required to add this feature to ACS 6.0+

Project Outcome: The feature is now available from ACS 6.0+ by installing the module developed

Project Repo: https://github.com/aborroy/alfresco-search-2028-module 

Project Team: Angel BorroyJonas Endert (Alfresco intern)

Project Title: Adding Docker Volumes support for Alfresco Docker Installer

Aim of Project: When using Windows host to deploy Alfresco with Docker Compose, using bind volumes can be challenging due to Linux native permissions and users. This project will add a new option in the installer to use standard Docker Volumes, that leave Windows itself to control the access to the volumes.

Project Outcome: The feature is now available from release 0.1.8 of the project when selecting ‘Yes’ in option ‘? Are you using a Windows host to run Docker?’

Project Repo: https://github.com/Alfresco/alfresco-docker-installer

Project Team: Angel BorroyHeiko Robert (https://www.ecm4u.de/en/)

Project Title: Garbage Collection/Out Of Memory problems with Alfresco Search Services and OpenJDK11

Aim of Project: Under some conditions, SOLR 6 with OpenJDK11 is provoking memory problems when ingesting large repositories. Having a starting dataset (repository and database) to reproduce this behaviour is required in order to start investigating the problem.

Project Outcome: Dataset was created and provokes the problem, but additional work is required in order to identify the real cause of this OOM issue. It looks like it’s related with secondary associations.

To do: Raise an Alfresco ticket with the information gathered to start planning the tasks for the investigation.


About the Author
My own background is in Java and PHP development. I’ve previously worked with Alfresco and more recently with Open Source software such as Joomla & Magento as a freelance developer.