Let’s Talk Results: Upgrades

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Let’s Talk Results: Upgrades

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Thank you for taking the time to complete the Let’s Talk survey on the topic of upgrades. We’re excited that you — both customers and partners —graciously took time out of your day to share your experiences and feedback with us. 

Your voices are important — not only to us as your provider, but to other customers and partners as well. 

The Importance Factor 

The first set of results shows the factors that guide your decision to upgrade. As you can see, “Reduce security risks” was the most commonly selected response for greatest impact alongside “Release-proven reliability.”  

Most Important Factors.jpg


For those of you who chose security risks as having the greatest impact, the majority of you indicated an operating policy for software upgrades of “two or more releases behind current is acceptable” or “one release behind.” Those of you concerned with the reliability of the release, indicated that “two or more releases behind current is acceptable.” 

Operating Policy.jpg

Areas of improvement 

The next set of results shows the areas of improvement for your next upgrade. “Software deployment improvements” ranked first for selected area of improvement with “documentation” being a close second, and “consultancy/professional services” coming in third.  

We understand that helping customers and partners to be ready for each upgrade is critical for your success. We also see an opportunity for us to review and build on release documentation, reliability, and enablement. 

Areas of improvement for your next upgrade are to have proven reliability of the release and reduced security risks. We agree that these factors are critical for a stable and secure implementation of all Hyland products.  

Area of Improvement.jpg

What have we all learned? 

In summary:

  • You upgrade to reduce security risks
  • You upgrade to improve solution integration
  • You upgrade to the release that has proven reliability
  • You prefer to stay one, two or more releases behind the current release to ensure stability — but that could be at the cost of not taking advantage of improved security and new features
  • You desire additional support and enablement documentation with each release to help upgrades run smoother

Let’s keep talking about this, together. We welcome any thoughts and considerations in the comments below.  

Meanwhile, stay on the lookout for the next Let’s Talk survey shared directly on Hyland Community!