Deploying Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 201806 GA

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Deploying Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 201806 GA

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In this blog post I'm going to share how to deploy the brand new Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 201806 GA Release. The new deployment mechanism, announced as major change in the ACS 6.x version, discontinued the traditional wizard and introduced a new Dockerized deployment for the benefit of the Developers and DevOps. The manual  installation using the ZIP file containing the artifacts is still available and can be downloaded here.

Disclaimer: The intent of this blog post is to share a simple tutorial for the newbies on Alfresco Content Services, where to learn how to rapidly start to launch and using it. A lot of official and unofficial documentation is available (for free) in this community portal (and outside of it). Please refer to the 'Other resources' paragraph, for further details.

Deploying ACS using Docker compose

All the task con be easily completed thanks to the acs-community-deployment project, publicly available on Alfresco's GitHub account.

Please be sure you are pointing on the TAG 1.0.0 of the GitHub project, using the Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 201806 GA version. 

To deploy Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 201806 GA using Docker compose, the only prerequisites are about having Docker and Docker Compose available, with enough resources into you environment. Once done, you can follow complete the task following the list below.

  1. Clone the acs-community-deployment project (related to TAG 1.0.0) or download the source code from this link. As alternative, you can download the single file docker-compose.yml (but check you are using the one tagged with 1.0.0).
  2. Navigate to the folder where the docker-compose.yml file is located.
  3. Run docker-compose up.
  4. Open the following URLs in your browser to check that everything starts up:

You can now start using Alfresco Content Services opening a browser to the URL http://<machine_ip>:8080/share.


  • Make sure ports 5432, 8080, 8082, and 8083 are open. These are defined in the docker-compose.yml file.
  • If Docker is running on your local machine, the IP address will be just localhost.
  • If you're using the Docker Toolbox, run the following command to find the IP address:
docker-machine ip
  • If you run docker-compose up after deleting a previous Docker Compose cluster, then replace step 3 with the following command:
docker-compose down && docker-compose build --no-cache && docker-compose up

Other resources

Support and questions and answers

Something is not working properly?
Do you need support or have questions?

If this is the case raise a question here or join the community on Discord (channel: alfresco) or IRC.

See you there!

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