How to generate Alfresco API client libraries - Part 1: Python

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How to generate Alfresco API client libraries - Part 1: Python

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As a third party wishing to integrate with Alfresco, you can use OpenAPI tooling to generate bindings for over 20 different languages. Here is an example of how to use swagger-codegen to generate Python bindings.

The schema can also be used to generate client bindings in many languages using swagger-codegen. The schema is available for your local Alfresco at /api-explorer/.

The “Getting Started” section of swagger-codegen documentation contains a link to the latest version of the jar that can be used to generate a client for Alfresco. The example below can be used to generate the Python client.


Step 1: Install Swagger Codegen

Read the following resource:

In this example I am using the brew install.

brew install swagger-codegen
swagger-codegen config-help -l python

Step 2: Generate the client library!

The API definition files can be found here GitHub - Swagger definitions 

swagger-codegen generate -i -l python -o ./my_alfresco_client

Your Swagger API client will be at the location you specifed in the -o argument. 

I am using a Mac in this example but this is just as easily done on Windows.

In Part 2 we will generate a Swift client!