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Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA file list

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Alfresco Community 201707 is available for Windows 64 bit, Linux 64 bit, and Mac OS X.


For further information, refer to the release notes:Alfresco Community Edition 201707 GA Release Notes      ‌

Complete Installation


Windows icon 64-bit Windows Installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Windows)
(md5: 3d83d07020b75dc26123578c8e9468f9)

Linux icon 64-bit Linux Installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for Linux)
(md5: e903bbdcb3b8a16e48f77dd91276b41d)


Mac icon Mac installer (after downloading, follow the simple install instructions for MacIntosh)
(md5: 3a032ff6548865570d7e420dbb30f25e)


Maven repository

Alfresco Community 201707 artifacts are available in our Maven repository under the versions.

  • 5.2.g for Alfresco Platform
  • 5.2.f for Alfresco Share.

Check the Alfresco Artifacts Repository page to configure Maven accordingly.

You may also want to check the Maven Alfresco SDK project, which provides archetypes to help you start a project easily.


Individual Components and Custom Installs



(md5: d9e36b1387bee53f1c5976ed2632fe39)
Use this download for manual install. Contains Web Archive (WAR) bundles for the Alfresco repository and Share UI.

This file also contains Module Management tool, JLAN native libraries for windows and Solr4 integration
(md5: c6f59b3ba75f7a20c75a1ce783c439f2)
Alfresco File Transfer Receiver
(md5: b97e2537ea9bc7da7b6efbe8bb71b679)
Alfresco Web Quick Start -- refer to [Alfresco Web Quick Start documentation].
(md5: a3b9b6f67153547495bde09a19b7aa1e)
Alfresco Web Editor -- refer to [Alfresco Web Editor documentation].
(md5: 9e3ac9f41a73e93f8dbeacabcb7f7afb)
Alfresco Solr4 Integration version 5.2.g

Records Management 

(md5: 76625ae6732951b90f698871bd961ee5)
Alfresco Records Management Community 2.6.a

Solr 6 Integration

(md5: 83e9653196fdd1bf3077c4685ef0cdd7)
Alfresco Solr6 Integration version 1.1.0

GoogleDocs Integration

(md5: df0841d85f9b733960627fad85889f6b)
Repository AMP for GoogleDocs integration
(md5: 9bb8f246e807ab2029511504027746d8)
Share AMP for GoogleDocs integration


Alfresco Office Services Module


This is a free to use proprietary module licensed under the Alfresco Component License.

(md5: c0e6bed2d3e499d3edb94f7e57a2b0d2)
Alfresco Office Services module


Community Provided Packages


These are unofficial packages maintained by members of our open source community. Share your own by commenting on this document.

FileDescriptionFeedback Method
Alfresco Ubuntu Install
Alfresco Employee

‌ Alfresco Search Services link is not working.


Thanks for the feedback. It is fixed now.

Alfresco Employee

How can be PDFium / alfresco-pdf-converter installed and configured without using the bundle installer?

Just using this software is enough?

Is there any alfresco-pdf-renderer release recommended to use with 201707?

Active Member II

Hi Angel,

This might be a late reply, but this link is useful:


Though you need to make sure the renderer file has execute permissions.

Alfresco Employee

Thanks, I'll finally manage to configure alfresco-pdf-renderer program. Just download from Alfresco artifacts, install on native OS and configure parameter in And it looks like 1.0 is the right release for 201707. 

However, , IMO this artefact must be included in this list as an official deliverable.


There is only one release of alfresco-pdf-renderer. As described in the release notes, it is a very thin wrapper around PDFium, and we would be surprised if it ever has another release. We didn't include it in the list of components because we see it as a part of the Chromium library similar and are treating it the same as Tika or any other library we include. But if people think we should treat it differently, we are open to that.

Alfresco Employee

Richard Esplin‌ in my opinion alfresco-pdf-renderer is radically different to Apache Tika. 

Apache Tika is included with the release, as JAR libraries located at WEB-INF/lib folder in alfresco.war web app. So there is no doubt about version and there is no need to other external download.

You have to download alfresco-pdf-renderer install wizard from the repository, install it as a local program on the Alfresco server and include a property in I'm very surprised that this can be considered "similar" to Apache Tika.

In any case, if you are not willing to provide this kind of information, I'll write a short blog post trying to help the many people who is going to be lost in the next months. 

BTW, there are 10 different release for alfresco-pdf-renderer in the repository: Index of /repositories/public/org/alfresco/alfresco-pdf-renderer 

Thanks for your time.


I think I figured out the misunderstanding. It appears that we made a mistake and alfresco-pdf-renderer is not included in the in this release. It is automatically installed by the installers.

I'll list this as a known issue in the release notes, and it will be included in the in future releases.

The nexus artifact repository shows multiple releases for alfresco-pdf-renderer, but the 1.0 release is the one tested for distribution. Installation steps are documented here: Installing alfresco-pdf-renderer | Alfresco Documentation 

If you think additional clarification on this topic is warranted, it would be great if you create a document in this space with the information you think is valuable. That will help us to clearly understand the gaps.

As usual, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Alfresco Employee

Important notice for installer users at