How change color and font in APS inside a checkbox or label

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How change color and font in APS inside a checkbox or label

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Hi everybody,

To make a label bold or with a different color in APS you need to create a new class and add the new CSS property inside it.

The Process in my example will have only one human task with four check-boxes.

From the four check-boxes in the example two check-boxes should be bold and two normal but with blue as the color.

Let's create first the four check-boxes :

After this click the tab style and create a Classname

After you create the Classname you can create the style.

In the Style section let's create two classes: One to be bold and one to have the rest of the checkboxes blue but not bold.

Now that you have created this the next step is to add the class in the fields that we need.

In my example, test and test 3 will be bold and test2 and test4 blue.

Edit your first checkbox, click style and add the class to make it bold (this is the class from the style definition).

Now let's do the same for the second checkbox and let's make it blue and not bold.

Now edit the third and fourth checkbox similar to number one and two to apply the style on the check-boxes.

Now it's time to run the app and test the configuration. If all was done correctly you should have as result two check-boxes bold and two check-boxes blue as shown in the next screenshot:

NB: This work only on Activiti-app at the moment Workspace doesn't read any inline CSS or JS if you want use Workspace you'll need to create a custom control to do validation or hook into an event for that specific component or treat it as a custom stencil

If you want to download the app is available here.

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Very good information !!