Alfresco process services latest version

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Alfresco process services latest version

how can i get the latest process version download 

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Re: Alfresco process services latest version

If you are a Partner or a Customer you will find all the current supported versions of APS in the Hyland portal under the Alfresco section.

If you don't have credentials, you can pull the latest Docker image version 24.2.0 provided by Hyland in the Docker Hub, below the Activiti App image:

Below the Activiti Admin image:

Anyway if you want to configure the entire APS Platform including Activiti App, Activiti Admin, ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL for using it or implement your extensions on the latest version, please use the APS SDK 3.0.0 available here:

The README describes how to use this project:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hope this helps Smiley Wink

Member II

Re: Alfresco process services latest version

We are currently running very old version of Alfresco, and I would like to try the latest version locally. I followed, and I have a couple of questions,

  • we only have activiti.lic, do we need transform.lic ?
  • where can I find