Alfresco H2 Support Module

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Alfresco H2 Support Module

This addon enables Alfresco Repository to run against the H2 database engine. Using an embedded database results in incredible speedup of your development cycle, which will no more require each and every developer to setup their own local database.

Alfresco H2 support is the default option when you use the Maven toolchain to build your custom Alfresco project.

Please note that due to differences in the DB schemas of all the various Alfresco releases, you need to carefully choose which version of H2 support to use depending on the Alfresco version you're running. Make sure you read the official support page before you get started. Happy Alfresco hacking!

Ownerskuro _

License TypeMIT
Project PageGitHub - skuro/alfresco-h2-support: Support for H2 embedded DB in Alfresco 
Download PageCentral Repository: tk/skuro/alfresco/h2-support 
Tagsh2, DataBase, platform support, Developer, maven, Embedded, sql, server, repository
Component TypeDeveloper Tooling
Extension Points
InstallationJAR, Script, Build, Manual