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Alfresco Scan Client plus Scanner

Take advantage of the outstanding scan improvement of Kofax Express

  • all in one, easy batch scanning for your mail
  • intelligently delete blank pages while duplex scanning
  • automatically crop and deskew each image, from business card to letter size
  • document rotation, let Kofax Express determine which side is up
  • use barcodes to separate your documents
  • assign index values and metadata
  • Read out forms, even with handwriting

Direct connection to your Alfresco system (for Enterprise and Community)

  • configure your individual transfer of documents
  • access directly to spaces, types and aspects of Alfresco
  • map your Kofax Express index values with the alfresco aspects
  • use multiple configurations for only one scan job
  • System variables to better shape the document name
  • Support for individual Alfresco-Content-Typs

The hardware for the processing of your documents - the Fujitsu fi-6110

  • scan up to 20 pages per minute - even on both sides
  • don't lose your documents thanks to its ultrasonic multi-feed detection
  • saves space and reduce annoyance - extremely compact, works quickly and silently

All that for the price of 899.00 EUR. (plus VAT and freight costs, under reserve of price changes by third parties)

More information on: or contact us: - on the phone: +49 (341) 2191 - 691 - by E-Mail to: 

Community 3.4.x

Community 4.0.x

Enterprise 3.4.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

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