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Audit Surf

Audit Surf is a SURF app displaying repository usage info: users connected, number of created/read/updated documents displayed by hour/day/week/month, etc. and some monitoring info (requires JMX: memory used, content stores' disk size, lucene indexes disk size, etc.) Audit Surf on Atol Conseils & Développements forge Audit Surf on Alfresco french forum Audit Surf on Alfresco english forum

GitHub project:

Developed by Atol Conseils & Développements

OwnerBertrand FOREST

Community 3.2

Community 3.2r 

Community 3.3.x

Community 3.4.x

Enterprise 3.2

Enterprise 3.2r

Enterprise 3.3.x

Enterprise 3.4.x

License TypeGNU General Public License (GPL)
Project PageAtol Conseils et Développements · GitHub 
Download PageAtol Conseils et Développements · GitHub 
TagsAudit, Surf, Reporting, Monitoring, ATOLCD
Component TypeEntire Solution / Application
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