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Bulk Import Tool

This module provides a high performance bulk import mechanism for files, folders, metadata and version histories. By default it imports content from the Alfresco server's filesystem, and as of v2.0 the tool also supports "pluggable sources". This allows other systems / repositories / data stores to be used as a source for imports, instead of the Alfresco server's filesystem.

The tool has been in production use continuously since 2008, across an estimated 1000 installations of Alfresco. Ingestion rates as high as ~650 documents / second have been measured with v1.x of the tool, and v2.0+ is expected to provide substantial speedups over the previous version. A recent case study from Zia (one of Alfresco's consulting partners) describes a successful migration project that leveraged the tool.

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License TypeApache
Project PageGitHub - pmonks/alfresco-bulk-import: Alfresco Bulk Import Tool v2.x - for Alfresco v5.0 and up 
Download PageReleases · pmonks/alfresco-bulk-import · GitHub 
Tagsbulk, import, filesystem, migration, ingestion, content, metadata, versions, files, folders
Component TypeAction,Admin Console,Entire Solution / Application
Extension PointsPublic API,Data Web Script,Java Service Class,Web Script