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Alfresco Employee

Change Share Locale

Developed by Tomoyuki Hayashi at Aegif Corporation, Alfresco partner in Japan.

This extension allows you change the Share locale language from within your Share display. It would be useful when localizing a dashlet and Share itself or collaborating with language-different colleagues. You have: -custom login page which has a select box for locale -dashlet called "My Share Locale"

The mechanism is simple, the locale you select is saved to a cookie in your machine and Alfresco Surf Spring framework always reads the cookie when rendering each page by LocaleResolver class. This extension support by default 7 languages(English, French, Germany, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese). You can add easily other language because locale code is just a string. An AMP file is provided as well as the source code.

Ownerlinzhixnig _

Community 3.4.x

Community 4.0.x

Enterprise 3.4.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeGNU General Public License (GPL)
Project PageGitHub - linzhixing/AlfrescoMyShareLocale 
Download Page
Tagsmulti-lingual, localization, translation
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