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ChronoScan Capture Pro

What is ChronoScan?

* It's a complete suite for document Scanning & Data Entry with Zonal OCR and Barcode Read. * It’s easy but powerful and fast. * Scan and organize your documents in minutes, not hours. * It’s free for non-commercial use.

What can ChronoScan do?

* Allows you to Scan/Index large sets of documents. * Helps you in data Entry with OCR & Assisted auto fields. * Extract text from PDF Files and convert to indexed data. * Upload documents to the Cloud. * Export documents & data to your Alfresco.

Who is ChronoScan for?

* Personal users who scan documents on a daily basic. * Companies that are involved in scanning processes. * Service companies that Scan for other companies.

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Community 3.2

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Enterprise 3.2

Enterprise 3.2r

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License TypeProprietary
Project PageChronoScan - Document Capture Software - Scanning & OCR Software 
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TagsOCR, Scanning Software, Scanner, Scanner Control, PDF, Searchable PDF, Batch Scan, Metadata extraction, automatic index, Zonal OCR
Component TypeEntire Solution / Application,Metadata Extractor / Transformer / Rendition
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InstallationBinary Executable
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client, Records Management, Web Content Services