Citeck EcoS Loan Origination

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Citeck EcoS Loan Origination

Automatic system for loan application consideration process
The Loan Origination system for large and medium businesses. Perfect for banks, financial istitutions and financial organizations.
Built on the basis of Adaptive Case Management (ACM).
Powered by Alfresco ECM platform.
What does it do?
Loan origination solution in Citeck EcoS is based on the notion, that every client and his/her properties (financial reliability, guarantor presence, family status, and joint income) is a case that needs to be handled. The case also includes financial organization employees that are responsible for loan approval and the document package that is necessary for the case evaluation.
Main features:

  • Reduces the duration of loan application consideration process
  • Sets the loan consideration procces on the "conveyor"
  • The period of application consideration is twice reduced
  • Centralized clientele profiles
  • Transparent document and executives control system
  • Easy and convenient access to the documents on every stage of application consideration process

Additional system options

  • Application consideration workflow in the BPMN notation
  • Branch limits management
  • The unified interface for the application data, loaner documents and tasks management
  • Uploading documents with the drag'n'drop interface
  • Obligatory documents availability control on every stage of the process
  • Loan contracts and other documents created automatically using templates
  • Integration with the bank informational systems Integration with the credit bureau

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License TypeGNU Library or "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL),Proprietary
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