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Custom Versioning

With Alfresco's out-of-the-box system, you receive basic version number support for both minor and major version changes of a document. The numbering starts at 1.0, and increments by one with major or minor versions, depending on the choice of the user. But what if your document is a draft? This would mean that it is not even at version 1 yet.
Parashift's Custom Versioning module extends the flexibility of the Alfresco version numbering. This allows versioning to begin with any pair of numbers, such as 0.0 or 0.1, or in fact any other number that is deemed appropriate.
The Custom Versioning module is open source and offered just like Alfresco Enterprise: on a subscription basis, giving users access to support and maintenance utilising Parashift's GitLab server for sources, updates and issue tracking facilities. If the subscription is cancelled, the Custom Versioning module will continue to function; however, continued upgrades and maintenance will not be provided.


Flexibility. Want to make up your own version numbers or have the ability to have choice? This is exactly what Custom Versioning does. Custom Versioning gives users added flexibility to version numbering, so that you can draw the line in the sand from draft to approval.
Transparency. The Custom Versioning module makes it clear for users to understand that documents produced at version 0.x have not yet been approved. This makes for transparency within your organisation to ensure everyone is on the same page.
Search Made Simple. Do you want to search your documents by completion status? With the Custom Versioning module, searching for draft documents can be made by specifying the search string: “cm:versionLabel:0.”, thus saving time in the searching process.

How it Works:

The default version number for Alfresco is set in the alfresco-global-properties file as follows:
version.default=Non negative integer.Non negative integer
Once the file has been saved, and Alfresco restarted, the new default version numbering will take place for all subsequent new documents.
Uploading a new document to create a new version number works like the “Copy to...” or “Move to...” actions which are available with Alfresco Share:
1. Once you have decided you are ready to upload a new version, click on the ‘Upload New Version’ button (this option can also be seen while hovering on a file in the ‘Folder View Window)
2. Select or drag and drop your new file in the specified field
3. Select if the new version is a minor or major change
4. The page will now refresh and you will receive a preview of your new document 

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Enterprise 5.0.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

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