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Data List Download

The Data List Download dashlet allows you to download any Data List from your site in a variety of Spreadsheet formats, including Excel .xls and CSV (Comma Separated Value)

The dashlet gives you a listing of all the data lists in the site, and allows you to pick the export format then download the spreadsheet version of the data list.

The project builds two AMPs, one for Share to deliver the dashlet, and one for the Repository to support the export.

Ownernickburch _

Enterprise 4.1.x

Enterprise 4.2.x

Enterprise 5.0.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

License TypeApache
Project PageGitHub - Gagravarr/AlfrescoDataListDownload: Download as Spreadsheet support for Alfresco DataLists 
Download PageReleases · Gagravarr/AlfrescoDataListDownload · GitHub 
Component TypeShare Dashlet
Extension PointsWeb Script, Share Site Dashlet
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client