fileServersNG - Replacement file server subsystem

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fileServersNG - Replacement file server subsystem

The fileServersNG module replaces the file servers subsystem that ships as part of the standard Alfresco Content Management System with a new subsystem that is based on the JFileServer file server code, enabling support for the newer SMB2 and SMB3 protocols via the Enterprise add-on (that works with Alfresco Community and Enterprise editions).


There is a Docker image available that has an Alfresco 5.2 installation with the fileServersNG file servers subsystem deployed. For details of how to get the Docker image and configure it see the FileSys.Org Wiki.


Details of how to build the fileServersNG file servers subsystem AMP for Alfresco v4.x and v5.x installations is also available on the FileSys.Org Wiki.

fileServersNG for Alfresco v6.0 and v6.1 are now available, puts the SMB file server with SMB2 back into Alfresco. The Docker images now include a free to use 25 user licence.

The latest version for fileServersNG for Alfresco v6.1 includes support for previous file versions (accessible via the Windows Explorer right click Properties menu, Previous Versions tab). All versions of fileServersNG have been updated to use the latest JFileServer and JFileServer Enterprise releases that have a number of bug fixes.

Item Details Owner GK Spencer, Versions Alfresco Community and Enterprise v4.x - v6.x


License Type LGPL, Enterprise add-on is a separate commercial licence Project Page  Download Page Details of how to build and deploy the fileServersNG subsystem  Tags File server, CIFS, SMB, SMB2, SMB3, FTP, FTPS, NFS Component Type Subsystem Extension Points   Installation AMP Products Repository