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Google Analytics Tracking

This add-on provides a modified page footer component, which integrates a client-side module to provide page tracking using Google Analytics. Tracking can be enabled on a per-site basis by adding the supplied Trackable Container aspect to the site folder, using the Repository Browser. The Tracking Enabled property supplied by the aspect must be set to true, and the Tracking UID property should be set to the value of your Google Analytics site ID, i.e. UA-xxxxxx-x. Alternatively, global tracking of Share usage can be enabled by setting true in the supplied configuration file org/alfresco/components/tracking/footer.get.config.xml. The add-on should work with Alfresco version 3.3 and upwards. This is part of the Share-Extras project.

OwnerRichard Esplin

Community 3.3.x

Community 3.4.x

Community 4.0.x

Enterprise 3.3.x

Enterprise 3.4.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeApache
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