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GroupDocs Comparison

GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud add-on allows you to compare various revisions of a document directly from a web browser. It is a web-based application that lets you compare documents virtually from any device. With this tool you can compare two Word documents, as well as PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and HTML documents. Regardless of the format, you don’t need to install any additional software to compare the documents.

After uploading two versions of a document, GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud automatically compares them and highlights differences with redlines. Added text is marked with underlines and deleted text – with strike-outs. You can easily navigate between marked up texts throughout the document to quickly find out what has been changed.

You can also merge two Word documents into one file and then save it with the MS Word’s revisions tracking feature enabled. The final document can be then edited offline by applying or rejecting changes. 

Community 4.0.x

Community 4.2.x

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeMIT
Project PageDocument Manipulation APIs | GroupDocs 
Download Page 
Tagsgroupdocs, comparison, Integration, word, PDF
Component TypeIntegration
Extension PointsShare Form,Explorer UI (Obsolete)
InstallationAMP, JAR
ProductsShare Web Client, Explorer Web Client (Obsolete)