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Parashift’s Map Picker add-on for Alfresco lets users define an area on a map to further discover which documents or images are based in that area. Map Picker lets Solr do all the hard work searching for geolocated documents. Users now have an additional method of searching, increasing productivity and efficiency.
The Map Picker module is open source and offered just like Alfresco Enterprise: on a subscription basis, giving users access to support and maintenance utilising Parashift’s GitLab server for sources, updates and issue tracking facilities. If the subscription is cancelled, the Map Picker module will continue to function; however, continued upgrades and maintenance will not be provided.


Geolocation. The Map Picker module allows Alfresco users to perform geolocated searches, saving time by finding specific documents or images in a particular area.
Convenience. The Map Picker module is conveniently placed in the advanced search window for easy access when searching.
Permission Based. Don't be concerned about permission levels. The Map Picker module only returns documents that users have permission to view.
Intelligent Searching. If you decide to leave the text search field empty, Map Picker will display all the documents that were found within that area. 

Community 5.0.x

Community 5.1.x

Enterprise 5.0.x

Enterprise 5.1.x

License TypeProprietary
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Tagsmap, picker
Component TypeAction, Content Model, Document Library
Extension PointsContent Model, Web Script, Share Action, Share Web Script
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client, Records Management