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Morpheus Drive

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes are struggling with the Dropbox "problem", which has surfaced as employees within most every organization are now using simple and easy to use consumer file sharing services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. The "problem" for the enterprise is that security, control, and ultimately the bottom line, are compromised. The enterprise has no way to track and control what content is where, and what happens to it once its in the consumer cloud.

But what if there were a simple and easy to use file sharing UI available for an enterprise-grade content platform such as Alfresco that runs both in the cloud and on-premise? Furthermore, what if that UI were easily customizable and extendable, so that enterprises could tailor not only its look-and-feel, but its core functionality to rapidly develop custom file sharing applications and other ECM solutions - and to do so TEN TIMES FASTER than any other technology available?

Enter Morpheus Drive. Morpheus Drive is a new simple and easy to use file sharing UI for Alfresco, an open source solution sponsored by Platinum Partner Rivet Logic. Morpheus Drive is built on technology that Rivet Logic has developed over the last 5 years on over 100 successful Alfresco customer projects. You can take Morpheus Drive and use it as is, or you can easily morph it into whatever custom ECM solution your enterprise needs today and tomorrow.


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