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Alfresco Employee

Order of the Bee Support Tools

This addon aims to enhance the scope and functionality available to Alfresco administrators via the Repository-tier Admin Console or Share-tier Admin Tools. It contains most of the tools provided with the Alfresco Support Tools addon (by Antonio Soler) without requiring to be run on any specific Alfresco edition, and also adds about half a dozen new tools.

OwnerAxel Faust‌ / Order of the Bee

Alfresco Content Services


Community 5.0.d and above

Enterprise 5.1 and above

License TypeLesser GNU Public LIcense v3
Project PageGitHub project 
Download PageMaven Central (released versions) or Sonatype Open Source Repository Hosting (SNAPSHOT versions)

See README in project

Recommended: inclusion of AMP in Maven-based WAR build