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PDF Rendering Extension

The Formtek PDF Rendering Extension provides a PDF rendition of an Alfresco-supported file type. If the Formtek EDM Module is installed, this includes rendering .dwg, .dxf and .dwf file types into PDF. The extension is a free download which can enhance your Alfresco implementation.


Community 5.2.x

Community 6.0.x

Community 6.1.x

Community 6.2.x

ACS 5.2.x

ACS 6.0.x

ACS 6.1.x

ACS 6.2.x

License TypeProprietary
Project Pagehttp://www.formtek.com/call2action/PDF_Rendering.shtml 
Download Pagehttp://www.formtek.com/call2action/PDF_Rendering.shtml 
TagsPDF Rendering, Formtek, Free, Rendition
Component TypeAction, Metadata Extractor / Transformer / Rendition
Extension PointsBehavior, Share Action, Share Document Library Action
ProductsShare Web Client