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Alfresco Employee

Share Theme Builder

An easy way to create a new theme for Share, without any development - Just generate amp, put into amps_share folder, then apply amps and use it!

You may review demo of how it works on youtube -

How to use

1) Generate amp by using Share Theme Builder
2) Stop Alfresco if running
3) Put the amp file in the {alfresco_home}/amps_share directory.
4) Open terminal and execute command {alfresco_home}/bin/ -force
5) Start Alfresco

Developed by FlexSolution

OwnerSergey Palyukh

Community 5.2.x

License Type
Project PageFlexSolution - Alfresco Share Theme Builder 
Download PageFlexSolution - Alfresco Share Theme Builder 
Component TypeShare Theme
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ProductsShare Web Client