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Site Task Manager

The Site Task Manager is an Alfresco Share site dashlet that lets members of a site create tasks and then allows all other members of the site to see and track the status of those tasks. Each task is a simple three-step Activiti workflow, and as such, taps into standard Alfresco Workflow functionality, like email notifications and integration with the standard user task list. The Site Task Manager differs from the standard Alfresco Share Workflow interface where each user is limited to tracking only their own tasks and workflows which they have initiated. Typically sites are established within Alfresco Share to track information and data related to a specific project. The Site Task Manager allows simple project management of tasks related to that project and makes the information easily available to all members of the project team in dashboard format. Each site has it's own set of tasks which are tracked.

From the dashlet, the site manager, an administrator or the initiator of a task has the ability to edit the task. From the dashlet, metadata for the current task can be updated; the current assignee for the task can be changed; the task can be cancelled, or the task can be transitioned to the next step of the workflow.

The Activiti workflow is a simple three-step design. Tasks upon creation are assigned to a single user and transitoned into the 'Assigned' state. Upon completion, the task moves into a 'Done' state. Users with edit privileges for the task can optionally transition the task back to the 'Assigned' state, or transition it to an 'Archived' state. By applying filters, users can see all three types of tasks or other combinations of the task types or status. Filtering is also a cached user preference. The Formtek Site Task Manager dashlet was developed for the 2012 Alfresco dashlet challenge. Given the tight deadline of the contest, the dashlet shouldn't be considered production ready, but feel free to try it out to see if it meets your needs or can serve as the starting point for a project that can address your specific needs.

OwnerDick Weisinger

Enterprise 4.0.x

License TypeApache
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TagsTask Management, Workflow, dashlet, Share, Activiti, Dashlet Challenge 2012
Component TypeBusiness Process Definition / Workflow,Content Model,Share Dashlet
Extension PointsAuthenticator, Content Model, Data Web Script, Web Script, Workflow Task, Share Form, Share Site Dashlet, Share Web Script
ProductsRepository, Share Web Client