Alfresco community 6.2 SAML - ADFS ...

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Alfresco community 6.2 SAML - ADFS ...

I would branch Alfresco community 6.2 with my ADFS or another system SAML.

I read a lot of documentation about alfresco - saml - Keycloack - alfresco-idp ... But too much information kills information and i am lost !

1) My idea is that since Alfresco Community 6.2, config with SAML is OK without another system [not only enterprise edition]

-> Right or Wrong ?


2) If Wrong [:-(] Which system can i branch on alfresco ?

-> Keycloack or the "alfresco Keycloak" [alfresco-identity-service] ?


Can someone help me to go in the right way ?

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Alfresco community 6.2 SAML - ADFS ...

Since Alfresco 6.2 you can use keycloak as identity provider only for authentication, configuring the identity-service authentication subsystem in Alfresco.

Alfresco identity service project, afaik, is currently a project aimed to externalize user and group management in a future. You can use an ootb keycloak installation and it will work.

Keep in mind that you will have to add another subsystem like ldap to the authentication chain to synchronize the users with Alfresco, as currently it is not done through identity service subsystem.