Alfresco Database Schema Diagram - ERD

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Alfresco Database Schema Diagram - ERD

Hi All,

I already view all the topics related to this question but i can not find any suitable answer for that. I will be appreciated if anyone can provide the #ERD by the reverse engineering the default existing tables of the alfresco installation. It would be really importamt  for technical users to see high level overview of the #architecture #diagrams and #Database #schema #diagrams as well as #objectRelation and #classDiagrams. Unfortinately alfresco community seems did not provide these.


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Re: Alfresco Database Schema Diagram - ERD

I did a quick search for "Alfresco ERD" in Google and the very first result was already a decent one: Alfresco Entities and Relationships [infographics]

This is for an older version of Alfresco (3.4) but the core tables (alf_node_*, alf_transaction, alf_qname, alf_child_assoc, alf_namespace...) haven't changed that much since then. Only the auxilliary ones regarding workflow, audit and attributes have changed substantially.

Since nobody should be messing with the Alfresco DB directly (changing / adding / deleting data) without going through the Alfresco APIs, there is usually little need for an extensive, up-to-date ERD. Though if you need it and end up updating what Contentreich provided to a more recent Alfresco version, it would sure be appreciated if you contribute that back so other people in your position will have it easier in the future...

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Re: Alfresco Database Schema Diagram - ERD


If you are able to connect to your Alfresco database, you can obtain this diagram, for example using: DBVisualizer

NeTIC360: :: Alfresco. Obtener el modelo de datos 

Data model Alfresco 5



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Re: Alfresco Database Schema Diagram - ERD

As Axel says, you can search around. Here are some other examples:

Understanding Alfresco Content Data Model | Lionsgate Software (Jul 2017)

Entrando por la “puerta de atrás” en Alfresco – Blog de Fegor (Aug 2014 - up to 4.2.2)

As mentioned in previous comment, you can also reverse-engineer. Other tools include SchemaSpy or even MySQL Workbench (if using MySQL), eg.

Deep Dive: Alfresco Core Repository (... embedded in a micro-services… 



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Re: Alfresco Database Schema Diagram - ERD

Hi all,

I share with you what I found about Alfresco database model (schema).

Alfresco Database Model 

The second link gives more details about the alfresco schema.