Alfresco - Offline Cluster member removal Automation

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Alfresco - Offline Cluster member removal Automation

Hello Everyone,

I'm using ACS v 7.1.x and deployed on AWS EC2 instances in cluster mode. As per policy, we're terminating all Non-Prod ACS instances in off business hours and starting in Early Morning. Hence, AWS creates new IPs each time. 

Here, there are few queries and concerns related to this.

1. Offline cluster member list keeps on increasing on each AWS EC2 initialise. And that results in huge list of offline cluster members which needs to be cleared manually using Admin console. Is there any way to clear this list automatically?

2. What are the reasons for Alfresco servers to keep this list? 

3. Any configurations available by which we can disable this list to be created.

4. We have an issue with starting ACS in clustering mode. There is a huge list of offline cluster member and ACS is not able to start in clustering enabled mode. Server start up is giving below mentioned error. We're able to start server with clustering disabled. But, it is not listing offline cluster members. Now, in this case, how we can start ACS in cluster. Is it literally no way?

ERROR [hazelcast.instance.Node] [main] [<IP>]:<PORT>[MainRepository-<>] [<>] Could not join cluster. Shutting down now!
ERROR [web.context.ContextLoader] [main] Context initialization failed
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Node failed to start!

5. Is there any way to remove offline cluster members using DB query? How Alfresco stores IP addresses in DB?


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.