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bulk export

cant find a way to export all files from alfresco to local for alfresco 5.2.  pls help.

have tried following links but was not a success.


https://github.com/zylklab/alfresco-export-scripts/blob/master/README.md#bulk-export-scripts (this way is creating a download link for every file which is not feasible for large number of files.)

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Re: bulk export

You can use share import export add-on. Note that it is some size limitations of 1 or 2 GB though. You can export site, folder, files by selecting source and target.


To use the add-on for ACS 6.x or later, you can refer following: https://github.com/abhinavmishra14/alfresco-share-import-export/tree/sdk4.1

Alternatively, if your use case is to setup local alfresco env to replicate from a dev/qa/prod server, you can use backup and restore strategy. 


(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)