Clearing audit logs fails with timeout

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Clearing audit logs fails with timeout

Recently my queries to audit logs started to fail due to timeout, I already increased the timeout but they are already failing again.

Tried to clear using the Rest API but it also failed with a timeout.
I think there are to many logs but I cannot delete them via Rest.
There is any other way to safelly removing the logs? If yes, how to do it?

Alfresco v4.0

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Re: Clearing audit logs fails with timeout

If you have left your system running with Audit long enough to collect so much data that clear is timing out, you are basically left with only one choice: Implement some custom Java code that incrementally deletes parts of your audit data. It is not really advisable to delete audit data via the DB directly, but if push came to shove, you could do it as well via the alf_audit_entry table.